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Our Cinema Weddings team of videographers is based in Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC, but are also available for international travel and destination weddings. Our portfolio includes Dallas, Austin, New Jersey, Chattanooga, Charlotte, Asheville, Greenville, Charleston, Augusta, Atlanta, Columbia, and Caribbean weddings. Julia would love to answer your questions so don't hesitate to call or text her at (404) 981-2624 or use the form below.



Wedding Picture

With us...

you get complete wedding day coverage with our cinematography team filmed in beautiful high definition and three (3) DVD copies with custom artwork

Cinematic highlight film

the perfect length-long enough to tell a complete story, short enough to share with every person you know and watch more than once every day for the rest of your life

Feature film + theatrical trailer

from pre-wedding anticipation to the exchange of rings and first dance, these artistically crafted retellings of your whole day will surely become an anniversary tradition

If you so choose, you may add a next day edit, complete edited ceremony, or aerial footage. Although our videography team is based in Atlanta, GA, we have a branch in Columbia, SC and are also available for international travel and destination weddings.

Please contact us for availability and pricing

Our Team

Our latest craze is building up our aerial cinematography equipment and flying our remote controlled quad-copter cameras to provide stunning footage! It is our passion as Atlanta wedding videographers to give you a timeless video that masterfully preserves your special day! We have enough wedding cinematographers on our team to film your wedding in Augusta, Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, Asheville, and Charlotte. We all love traveling!